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Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Vinyasa Classes

Candlelight Vin-Zen: This is the best of both worlds! Start with 45 minutes of a soulful, all levels slow vinyasa flow (vin) class and end with 45 minutes of slow, deep yin + restorative (zen) postures to help balance and renew the body.

Power Flow: Faster-paced, this deep and challenging practice focuses on strength, balance, power and flexibility. Creative sequencing keeps you on your toes while intermediate variations of the postures are seamlessly woven in. This is geared towards yogis with a regular practice.

Lunchtime Flow: A one-hour all levels class designed especially for the midday. The first half of the class will build some heat, but then the focus moves to twists and forward bends to help balance and renew the body.

Open Flow: A creative, energetic and fun mixed-level flow class that integrates the fundamentals of yoga through intuitive sequencing and a steady breath. This class will keep you intrigued, enlivened and, ultimately, chilled out. Modifications are offered throughout to makethis class accessible to students already familiar with yoga basics.


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